It corresponds to the Revista El Agro directly or in coordination with other entities or through entities linked to the Ministry:

  • To formulate and direct the country’s agricultural policy as a whole, in accordance with the general development plans.

  • To study, in collaboration with the National Planning and Coordination Board, the country’s agricultural situation, and to submit to the Government for its consideration the overall agricultural plan for the short and long term.

  • To coordinate the short and long term programs of the entities linked and related to the sector.

  • Approve the annual budgets of entities linked to the agricultural sector.

  • To study the economic and social aspects of the production, distribution and consumption of agricultural products.

  • Preserve renewable natural resources, regulate their use, increase them and promote their rational use.

  • Promote agricultural production.

  • To study the possibilities of exporting and substituting imports of agricultural products and to formulate policy in this regard

  • To regulate water conservation.

  • Collaborate with the corresponding agency in the use and distribution of irrigation water.

  • To give the pertinent recommendations on the habilitation of irrigable areas.

  • Determine and indicate to the corresponding agencies the priorities


To formulate and direct agricultural policies in accordance with the country’s general development plans, so that producers may take advantage of comparative and competitive advantages in the markets and thus contribute to guaranteeing food security, the generation of productive jobs and foreign exchange, and the improvement of the living conditions of the population.


An efficient, competitive, innovative and enterprising agricultural sector that serves as a base for the economy, providing the population with a source of food, generating opportunities, economic and social benefits for producers and consumers.