How Does Laser Lipo Work?

In our practice we focus on sustainable treatments and innovative procedures. With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that in this article slimlipo laser in Jacksonville, FL present you with an absolute declaration of war on the problem areas without surgical intervention. We would like to introduce to you.

With the a body shaping without operations (non-invasive technique) is possible. The innovation lies in the used Adipolight . With this device it is possible to work on smallest as well as large problem zones at the same time without any problems due to its eight treatment arms. Such a treatment concentrates on the internal fat reduction by the itself.


If we want to understand how the works, then we simply use an example. Imagine you want to get rid of your double chin. During treatment with the it stimulates the fat cells in the affected area.

The fat cells are stimulated by the stimulation to change their permeability. This is, so to speak, the key to the success of fat reduction.

After this step in the treatment, the outer skin of the cells changes into a permeable state. The cell content is divided into water, free fatty acids and glycerine. The components can then penetrate the cell wall. Special laser periods of the Adipolight stimulate the lymph nodes to remove the unwanted components of the affected fat cells. For this purpose, the laser period mentioned is placed near the lymph nodes at the treatment area.

The does not attack nerve cells, it does not damage your skin and leaves your skin unaffected.

What is really special about the treatment with the is the way in which the fat is broken down. During the treatment not only the fat of the cell is liquefied, but the cells are emptied naturally. We also call this process lipolysis.

The results are already visible after the first application. In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend our package of six treatments with short intervals between applications (approx. 7 days).

So it is possible: remove double chin

In the following section once again the advantages of the at a glance:

Natural application
No surgery necessary
Costs negligibly low compared to surgery
Fat cells are emptied naturally
Nerve cells, skin appearance and structure are not attacked
Small and large problem zones equally treatable
Numerous application areas conceivable, body shaping on a new level. For example to get rid of the double chin
Tissue tightening in the gentle way
Pain-free applications
No side effects


The treatment with the was investigated by different experts. There are no known side effects or risks. The application itself is painless.

You should take care to supply your body with sufficient fluid during the treatment period. So drink enough water. Please also make sure that you do not eat any food up to two hours before and after the treatment.

After the treatment you will immediately be able to start your everyday life again.

The treatment, for example, is recommended by us if you want to get rid of your double chin. We use the as well as the radio frequency. The costs in detail can be found on our price page.

We offer fat reduction with Adipolight in a package of six treatments. Come to our practice today and inform yourself in a personal consultation about your treatment.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Lipo-Balance Program – A New Understanding of Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most common aesthetic surgeries for men and women worldwide. As a result, the expectations of doctors are particularly high, although the patient himself also contributes to the success. The Lipo-Balance program provides information about important steps before, during and after liposuction and also gives the patient the opportunity to positively influence the liposuction process.
on the result.

Important cornerstones of the Lipo-Balance program consultation

A comprehensive consultation is the basis of a successful treatment. The patient’s wishes come first. What is the aim of the treatment?

The plastic surgeon’s task during the consultation is to find out whether the patient’s wishes are not only meaningful, but also feasible. A thorough physical examination is essential for this. The doctor should not only inform the patient about his individual chances and risks, but also provide him with a personal treatment plan including a cost estimate.


Our food consists of energy-supplying macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, proteins) and non-energy-supplying micronutrients (vitamins, trace elements, minerals). Both macronutrients and micronutrients are important for maintaining health and healing wounds after an operation.

The body mass index is a recognised formula for analysing the current nutritional situation. The exact body composition from fat, musculature and water can supply further important information. The importance of nutrition before and after surgery is often neglected. First of all, information must be provided about which metabolic processes take place in our body and which food components are important for this. Individual needs in everyday life, such as professional requirements, must also be taken into account in nutritional counselling.

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