How To Clean Your Floor

How clean is your floor, truly how clean is it? It may look clean, particularly once you’ve ran the vacuum cleaner over it or wiped it, yet in truth your flooring is a great deal dirtier than you might believe. Study has revealed despite a rug’s high exposure to germs few of us offer the location with a deep clean, whilst over 30% of us only vacuum once a month.

With this serious thought in mind, we look at exactly how to cleanse your floors to ensure they are as clean as they can be.

What Dirt Is Your Rug Harbouring?

Rugs might have once again grown to be the most usual floor kind within houses, but you may be stunned to learn how much dust and gunk they can harbour – specifically with much of it being hidden and going undetected.

According to the study, rugs contain traces of human and pet hair, pollen, traces of skin along with lots of other undesirable points. However a great deal of this dirt goes unnoticed and isn’t grabbed by your regular vacuum cleaner. It’s crucial to make certain every so frequently you supply your carpetings with a thorough tidy – as well as there are a couple of techniques to doing this, consisting of:

Carpet Powder:

Dirt concealed deep into your carpets can be a concern to eliminate, meaning your carpetings stay dirty despite how much you vacuum them. Utilizing a carpeting cleansing powder can help to lift and get rid of such dust, whilst additionally offering your floor covering with an enjoyable scent.

There are a vast range of carpeting cleansing powders readily available, although bicarbonate of soda equally does an excellent work at lifting and also getting rid of the dust. To make one of the most out of your carpeting powder of choice, we recommend you:

1) Sprinkle the cleaning powder freely over the carpeting.
2) Leave the powder for a minimum of 30minutes, although over night is frequently the best option – ideally.
3) Vacuum cleaner the carpetings as normal.
Carpeting Hair shampoo:

Whilst rug powder can get rid of dirt as well as particles which has actually fallen much deeper right into your rug stack, if you ‘d such as an also much deeper clean we recommend utilizing a rug hair shampoo with a carpet washer or by using the excellent old fashioned method of rubbing whilst on your hands as well as knees. For more tips on cleaning bathroom walls, go to this link.

To get the very best clean feasible with a rug hair shampoo, particularly if utilizing a sponge, adhere to these 4 steps:

1) Mix up the carpeting shampoo remedy based on its instructions, and oftentimes this will need to be distilled with water.
2) Make use of just sufficient carpeting shampoo on your floor covering to cover the location. Do not make the rug as well damp as this enhances the drying time and is likewise a waste of cleaning agent.
3) Rub any kind of especially stubborn discolorations with a difficult bristled brush to ensure the carpet is left as tidy as feasible.
4) Allow the carpeting completely dry and also as soon as it’s completely dry, vacuum as regular.

” Wood” You Believe The Dust in Your Floors:

When it pertains to cleaning your wooden floorings, both genuine as well as phony, there are a few things which you need to take into consideration to guarantee your floor remains considering its ideal – and also these consist of:


– Saturate the floor. Timber will swell if it is given the possibility to soak up water, and this can result in it not returning back to its natural state.
– Use steam cleaners or heavy steam mops on genuine timber. Because of injecting high stress temperature as well as high temperature steam right into the floor the surface of the wood as well as/ or the wood itself can end up being damaged.


– Move your floorings and after that run your vacuum cleaner over it, to remove as much of the dust, grit and particles as feasible – stopping it from ending up being implanted right into the timber.
– Wipe your floors in a round motion, drying as you select a tidy completely dry towel – as this will certainly help in reducing the threat of water soaking into your floors.
– Wax/ polish the floors from event to help keep them taking a look at their ideal. Be cautious not to use also much wax or polish, as this can prove dangerous.

A Night on The Floor tiles:

Whilst rugs and also wood floor covering are the two most preferred forms of floor covering for homeowners, floor ceramic tiles are still prominent – particularly in bathroom and kitchens. When it comes to the former area as a result of food being prepared here, it’s of extremely important relevance they are as clean as can be.

When it comes to cleansing your floor tiles it is crucial to also focus on the cement, and routine cleaning of this location will help to reduce down the discolouration process and stop mould. To give your grouting with the best tidy, we recommend you:

1) Apply a professional cement cleaner to the cement, guaranteeing you apply it freely so it saturates into the cement.
2) Leave the cleaner for at the very least half-an-hour, offering it time to loosen spots.
3) Use a difficult bristled brush to scrub the grout clean as well as get rid of as much dust as feasible.
4) Wash the grout with tidy water and also completely dry – and also every single time you cleanse your floor tiles, it is recommended to utilize this method.

In addition to cleaning up the grouting, you’ll also need to clean up the floor tiles themselves – as well as this can be performed in a comparable means to cleaning up wooden floors.

Sweep the dust up, prior to running the vacuum cleaner over the flooring – as this will help stop the tiles from coming to be boring. Once you’ve vacuumed the flooring, make use of a moderate cleaning agent, clean water and either a steam mop or a chamois-type mop to wash the floor tiles.

By putting in the time to provide your floor covering – whether it’s carpeting, timber flooring or tiles – with a deep as well as detailed clean, will assist you maintain your house looking clean and also pristine. Giving your carpets with a deep clean can likewise assist remove plant pollen as well as various other irritants from the home.

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