Instagram Stories: Features and Use

Since its arrival in 2016, the Instagram Stories is already involved in the daily lives of several people around the world. Instagram’s new feature of sharing images, photos and videos with a 24-hour “expiration date” has revolutionized the platform. The number of daily users of the feature is already 500 million and growing every moment.

This tool is of great importance and tends to grow and attract more and more users in the future. It is advantageous to know how to buy ig story views and all its features to participate in the network and be updated. Therefore, in this article we have decided to create a guide so that you know how to use the tool and all its features.

What are Stories?

Os stories are an instagram feature that allows users to create informal contributions to their daily activities. Similar to the SnapChat feature, it is no longer available for viewing after 24 hours of story posting.

Instagram stories allow for more interactivity and dynamic content sharing across the network. Texts, images, videos, drawings … In any case, it is possible to publish all types of content in the stories. However, there is only a limited time for posting, which gives more speed and dynamism to the features for which it became famous.

Users generally use the tool to present their everyday lives and share successes, curiosities, recommendations and daily activities. All Instagram users can post something in stories and interact with the people they follow. It’s like a slide show where you can tell a story with multiple pictures, videos or short texts.

Instagram Stories Features

Instagram offers very entertaining options for filters, text, animations and effects. For a more interactive environment, the tool includes some elements that promote integration as dynamic survey models.

Stories Stickers

One of the coolest and most interactive options for instagram stories are stickers. The stickers are like icons you can add to your photos or videos after they’ve been created. On the platform, new stickers are always added so that they are updated according to the context of the users. The stickers can be emojis, effect phrases, location indicators, a countdown for a specific event, surveys, questions, tags, hash tags, GIFS, and more. The surveys and questions are used very often to get more interactions.

Os Survey Stickers and Questions Users can interact directly with the stories and answer the questions of those who wrote or asked contributions. Instagram offers a basic model that you can edit and configure with your imagination. The result is displayed as a percentage for you and for those who have already chosen.

Super Zoom

Superzoom is a very funny feature of Instagram and easy to use. It also uses augmented reality with soundtrack and approximation animations that can be recorded on short videos. This function assigns a humorous and interactive function to the videos.


Boomerang is a tool that has been recognized and used more and more recently. This allows you to create small looping videos similar to GIFS. The function is ideal to make the photos more vivid and dynamic.

Text settings in stories

A much used option in Instagram is text. This allows you to create images with different styles and background colors with text only. In addition, you have access to different types of spelling, styles, stickers, and can change the orientation of your text.

Stories themes or filters

Instagram offers some themes for pictures and videos. The themes change some basic characteristics of the image, including saturation, luminosity, colors. If you have a linked location when you publish stories, there are some unique ones for each location or event, in addition to the default filters.

Another widely used resource is live streaming of Instagram

In addition, the interaction in a live broadcast is very large as your followers can comment on the video in real time, creating new possibilities and ideas for the video that will appeal to the public. When you start a live stream, your followers are notified and the view in their stories is prioritized.

Rewind and hands-free

Rewind allows playback of videos from back to front. Hands free allows you to record videos without having to press and hold the Record button. One click starts automatic recording and another ends. Pressing and holding the Record button also displays a 3-second countdown to start recording.

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