Nicotine Level for E-Liquid

You want to start smoking electronic cigarettes, but you don’t know what dosage of nicotine e-liquid would be right for you, so we explain it to you:

The only product present in both a classic cigarette and an electronic cigarette is nicotine. It is the number one ingredient that is addictive to the smoker.
No need to deny it, it is often difficult to make it disappear from your daily life with a single click. It is therefore essential to start by “vaporizing” with a nicotine level that matches your needs and finally say goodbye to the classic cigarette.

Is nicotine a carcinogen?
False: Nicotine is not carcinogenic, unlike the 4000 harmful products of a conventional cigarette. It influences our addiction like a drug, but it does not have the same dangerousness as tar, mercury, carbon… and many other poisons that you will find in a conventional cigarette.

Nicotine-electronic cigarette Is nicotine dangerous?

True, to a certain extent. In high doses, nicotine is dangerous and can cause complications: nausea, palpitations, headaches… the risks are nevertheless much lower than other cigarette products.

It is therefore important to find the right dosage for your drinking habits!

NB: For these risks, it is prohibited to distribute e-liquids greater than 20mg/ml of nicotine in France.

Start the electronic cigarette: Keep the same nicotine level as your old cigarette.
When you start using electronic cigarettes, we recommend that you keep the same amount of nicotine in your old classic cigarettes. The reasons:

– taking an e-liquid that is too weak will not fill your gap. If you start with a too low and therefore unsuitable nicotine level, there will be no withdrawal and therefore a potential risk of relapse into smoking!

As you wish, you can reduce the nicotine dosage of your e-liquid as you go along.

– Taking an e-liquid too strong would risk making you more dependent, and it is possible that you may find the electronic cigarette too powerful and not pleasant in your throat.

Tips :
Are you hesitating to choose between a higher or lower nicotine dosage? Start with an e-liquid with a higher nicotine level. The main objective is to limit the consumption of conventional cigarettes: taking a larger e-liquid in nicotine is always better than going back to smoking!

Remember, it’s the thousands of toxic products in cigarettes that are really bad. An electronic cigarette, even with a powerful nicotine dosage, will NEVER do more harm than a conventional cigarette. To learn more information on e juice, click on this link.

E-liquid: Finding the right nicotine dosage for you

When selecting e-liquid, there are two choices to make:
– nicotine level (in mg/ml)
– the flavour

We will focus on the first choice; the taste being really subjective, it is a matter of personal taste….
Some prefer the e-liquid tobacco taste to restore the memory of cigarettes, or others prefer to try fruity flavors or candy flavors! It’s up to you!

Namely: the nicotine level is independent of the flavor: you can choose an e-liquid with strawberry candy flavor with more nicotine than an e-liquid with tobacco flavor! e-liquid nicotine

For the nicotine level, there are 5 possible dosages:

0mg/ml : No nicotine
6 mg/ml* : Low quantity of nicotine for small smokers, extra light cigarette.
11 (or 12) mg/ml* : Average amount of nicotine for the average smoker, light cigarette.
16 (or 18) mg/ml*: High amount of nicotine for good smokers, normal/strong cigarette.
19.6 mg/ml*: High quantity of nicotine for heavy smokers, strong cigarette or without filter.
* 10 ml bottle.

NB: There are also nicotine levels different from e-liquids, but we preferred to analyze in relation to our French e-liquid.

Calculation of nicotine level per vial of e-liquid:
To keep the same nicotine level at first as in its old classic cigarettes, it is possible to do a very simple calculation. The unit on your cigarette packages and on e-liquids look different, there is just a simple calculation to do in order to establish equivalence.

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