Overview of the Invisible Dog Fence

Protection for the dog and still a secure run – with an invisible dog fence this combination is easily possible. Suitable for large and small dogs and individually adjustable and applicable, an invisible dog fence is an enrichment for every dog household.

What is an invisible dog fence?

An invisible dog fence is an electronic impulse device, see great photos here. It is used to keep the dog away from places he is not allowed to enter or leave. A wire is laid and the dog receives a receiver. When the dog approaches the barrier, it feels a slight to stronger impulse, depending on the approach. Thus the four-legged friend learns to move within a fixed range and completely without fence. Also with the camping vacation or in the house the dog fence is a useful companion, if the faithful friend is to avoid certain ranges. Many dog owners know the irresistible appeal of the kitchen to the dog. And teachings about hygiene or other reasons for not entering the kitchen usually interest the dogs very little. The invisible dog fence is also the ideal solution here.

If a model with or without cable is preferred

Dog fences differ mainly in handling, quality of the current pulse and cable binding. Whether with or without cable, the principle is the same. In the version without cable, transmitter and receiver also work together. In this way, the desired radius of action is calibrated. Depending on the property, the radius of effect should be circular, but this is not a condition. The range depends on the different manufacturers. The usual distance is up to 25 meters. Also with an invisible dog fence without cable the dog needs a receiver collar turned over, which should always stand in connection with the transmitter. Up to this point the functionality is the same as with a device with cable connection. When the dog approaches the boundary, the transmitter emits 2 different impulses. The impulse changes with the distance to the fence, from light to stronger.

What negative effects can the invisible dog fence have on the dog?

As perfect as the invisible dog fence may seem at first glance, the dog owner should inform himself about any disadvantages before buying such a utensil. An invisible dog fence is primarily an electrical cable circuit. A desired area is fenced with wire cables, the impulses are sent to the dog from the transmitter directly to the receiver collar. The first pulse is a warning tone, the second pulse is a light electric shock that catches the dog. The result of this is that the dog is frightened and retreats. With sensitive dogs this fright can lead so far that they do not dare to the property border without fear also in company of humans any longer. Or, if they can connect the collar with the impulse, develop an aversion to collars.

Train the dog with an invisible dog fence

Just like that, without practice and warning, the dog should not let go of the system. As with many things, a slow approach to the new is the right way. Most manufacturers supply flags for the training of the dog, by which the area of the impulse giving is marked. So the dog can also make an optical border. The best way to do this is to continuously approach the flags with the dog on a leash. As soon as the warning tone sounds, the dog will retreat. Thus the quadruped learns to handle the system without stress or pressure.

A good example of an invisible dog fence is this:

51-fmcxg4rlVoss.farming complete set invisible dog fence
230 Volt
robust and weatherproof
control LED
intuitive handling
incl. fence tester voltage control
100m plastic stranded wire
incl. warning sign

Conclusion on the invisible dog fence test

Of course the electric dog fence serves its purpose, but in our opinion you should not expect your beloved dog to do so. The invisible dog fence has more disadvantages than advantages, so we advise against the use. There are better alternatives to train the dog without frightening him. Especially with sensitive dogs it can lead even to the fact that these do not dare any more to the property border without company of a human being. In order to delimit the property one should rather pull a conventional fence and do without such things.

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