Residential or commercial property in Cuba

The nation of hot rumba, strong rum and also globe well-known cigars, a nation where people proudly call themselves citizens of the Freedom Island. All this is Cuba.

Visiting this island for at least a week is every vacationer’s dream, because he can not help thrilling his paradisiacal coastlines, unforgettable landscapes and also extremely optimistic individuals. All this can become your life if you own a home in this heaven.


It is notable that the costs, compared to the nearby Caribbean resorts, here and also really “heaven”, since the rate for a three-room home 100 kilometers from the coastline will start from $ 30 thousand. But the closer the property is located to the coastline or Havana, the more the cost comes to be.

For instance, a regular home off the coastline will have a price tag of a minimum of 200 thousand bucks, and in Havana such an enjoyment as having a residence will certainly cost you regarding 800 thousand “eco-friendly”. Or else, if you are not a fan of luxury, it would certainly be nice to get a home in the province, whose rate, as a rule, does not go beyond the mark of 20 thousand bucks.

It deserves discussing another variable that influences the rate of housing, specifically the distance from the town hall. Apartment or condo in the heart of the city will certainly set you back from $ 1500 per square meter. Incidentally, lovers of country rest to relocate to Cuba – not the most effective option, due to the fact that the land is not marketed there, so concerning a large garden will only dream.


When it comes to the legal component of purchasing property in Cuba, there may be some problems. Initially, immigrants are only permitted to purchase a residence that lies in a specifically marked area. An additional option is to get a residence permit or to make an application for an authorized person – a Cuban.

Such stumbling blocks have actually developed from the reality that formerly, despite the fact that Cubans were the proprietors of their lawful residence, they can not handle it whatsoever, that is, market, exchange and also even to the point that it was impossible to give it to him.

However it was not only foreigners that needed to experience the anger of government reforms, it was likewise felt by regional individuals who can not get their own residence. As well as if the homeowners relocated to one more country, all their home remained in the hands of the authorities.

The good news is, everything has transformed for now, but despite these adjustments, the government has actually not damaged its hold on foreigners. You can additionally acquire property from construction business, but even right here, regardless of all the legality of the procedure, the authorities might step in.

As mentioned previously, the government has carried out reforms relating to locals and they are cost-free to get rid of their residential or commercial property. That is, any kind of immigrant now has sufficient citizenship to be able to purchase a house. As well as throughout the years, people have located a method to do it promptly and also openly.

All you have to do is wed a Cuban and register your residential or commercial property. It may spend some time, since the treatment is not the most convenient. However there’s a risk below, also. The threat is that your other half can sue you for prohibited tasks as well as get all your building.

As individuals say, legislations are made to break them. It is according to this canon that the so-called “underground market” runs in Cuba. It offers its solutions to foreigners at somewhat filled with air prices, for noticeable reasons.


It’s time to think about the last point in our story, it has to do with tax obligations. Who would certainly have thought that someplace in the world there is such a location, where for water pay a maximum of $ 2 each month, for gas and electricity at $ 1, as well as the cost for the solutions of HEC will not surpass a buck!

Contrasted to CIS nations, these prices are minuscule, however if you compare them to European rates, the distinction will certainly amount to the range in between the Mariana Trench and also the summit of Mount Everest. Yet the opposite of the coin is the fact that you can just utilize the Internet in the places intended for it, that is, in Web clubs.

Of course, you can take advantage of personal web traffic, however this satisfaction can bring you a round kopecks. Such troubles emerge from the lack of appropriate innovation, in which case only health centers, proving ground, colleges and also federal government agencies are fortunate.

There is no demand to hurry with the acquisition of realty in Cuba, because it is worth waiting just a couple of years till the building and construction firms will certainly reach its optimal, as well as at the same time it will certainly be much easier to acquire a house as well as not terrified to damage the regulation or enter the clutches of scoundrels.

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