Roadside Assistance: Benefits and Tips

The cart gets tired, now the breakdown service has to come. But simply requesting the next best one, that can cost money.

Almost every driver has this unpleasant experience at some point: the battery is empty, the engine is on strike or there is not a drop of petrol in the tank. In short: The dear car gives up the ghost, the breakdown service has to move in. Even as a young driver, you should think about the worst-case scenario – before it happens. You may not be able to prevent the breakdown, but you can avoid unnecessary additional costs. Because requesting any service on the road can cost you a lot of money. Prevention therefore makes sense – our three breakdown service tips will help.

Tip 1: The traffic club takes over

In Switzerland, you can choose from three traffic clubs that offer breakdown assistance to their members: The Touring Club Switzerland (TCS), the Automobil Club der Schweiz (ACS) and the Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz (VCS). If you are a member of one of these clubs, you can take advantage of its breakdown service in an emergency: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But this service has its price – membership.

If you are under the age of 25, membership in the TCS including breakdown service costs CHF 66 per year. With the VCS, it’s only 60 francs a year. At first glance, the ACS is the most expensive of the clubs: the membership including breakdown service costs 90 francs for the first year, the contribution for the following years depends on the section.

This is clearly the case where you become a member, isn’t it? Not at all. TCS and VCS are cheaper, but only help in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with their breakdown service. The ACS, on the other hand, is a Europe-wide unit. With TCS and VCS you have to pay extra for this protection. As far as possible, all three clubs not only repair the car on site, but also cover towing and salvage costs, the cost of onward travel without your own car and accommodation.

In any case, ask your parents: If they are already members of a mobility club, you may also be able to take advantage of Roadside Assistance Denver as a family member during your journeys.

Tip 2: The car insurance will cover you

You may be able to save yourself a membership in one of the mobility clubs – and still have access to roadside assistance at no additional cost in an emergency. Because in many cases the breakdown service is already included in the motor liability, comprehensive or partial comprehensive insurance. This means that you have to be twice as careful when comparing insurances: If you don’t want to secure the breakdown service by becoming a member of TCS, VCS or ACS, you should make sure that the breakdown service is included when you take out a car insurance policy.

With Allianz Suisse and Mobiliar, breakdown assistance is even included in liability, with many other providers it is included in full or partial coverage. Occasionally the breakdown service can be booked in addition to the comprehensive insurance – at a surcharge, of course. However, it is often not worthwhile taking out hull insurance for a used vehicle. Then you need the support of a traffic club for the breakdown service.

Tip 3: The car manufacturer takes care of Fein raus bist Du when you drive a new car.

Many manufacturers advertise with a multi-year mobility guarantee, which means they take care of repairs on site, towing, a replacement vehicle and workshop costs in the event of a breakdown. Sounds good, but is probably of little use to most: New cars rarely break down and are simply too expensive for many young drivers. If there is a scratch in the paintwork or a dent in the fender, which can happen with young drivers, the breakdown service of the manufacturer will not help.

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