Tips for car financing

Would you like to afford a vehicle that does not go beyond your personal financial limits? With buy now pay later no credit check instant approval, this is possible, even if the purchase price is a deterrent at first glance. But beware: high interest rates, expensive final instalments or compensation payments can make the financing of a car or motorcycle more expensive than initially assumed. You should therefore pay attention to a few things so that you don’t get carried away with your dream car. With the following useful tips for car financing, nobody can fool you anymore and you can keep track of your credit at all times. Find out here how you can finance your car cheaply and safely.

Cash flow

One of the basic tips for car financing is that you should first make a cash shortfall. Determine your income and expenses exactly. Find out how much money you have each month to finance a car. Remember to allow plenty of room for unexpected expenses. Our household calculator can help. You can find the useful calculator here.

Set a limit

Even before you visit a car dealership or browse the online portals, set yourself a limit. In the first step, always determine how much you want to spend on a car and what monthly rate you can pay. A fixed budget protects you from supposedly attractive offers that make the car and thus the car loan unnecessarily expensive.

Buying in the doldrums

If you have the choice of when to buy a new car, choose the summer months. Many people go on holiday, the use of public transport and bicycle is pleasant. At the car dealerships you will receive special offers at this time, and the interest rates are also often low. If you want to finance a car in winter, you have to reckon with higher prices and rising interest rates.

Compare offers

Check exactly with which offer you drive best. One of the expert tips for car financing is to check every possible option. Zero percent financing from the car dealership sounds tempting. But with a saturated discount for cash payers or with an up to 30 percent cheaper offer for a re-import from an online provider, the offer can be comparatively expensive. Compare exactly the prices for the desired model. Often the at first sight more expensive offer of the house bank is profitable over the higher discount with the purchase price.

Three-way financing entails risks

Three-way financing is a comparatively young way of financing a car. During the contract period, you only pay a part of the purchase price, there remains a high final installment. You can pay this and the car belongs to you. You can opt for follow-up financing and continue to pay off the car. You can also return the car. The instalments paid so far will then be treated as in a leasing contract. The risk, however, is that you will have to make a compensation payment if the final instalment exceeds the value of the car. In the worst case, you are without a car, but with debts.

Talk to your house bank

A car dealer cannot judge without knowing your creditworthiness whether you will be able to service the credit offered without difficulty. Online banks and comparison portals usually offer a telephone service or contact options online. For personal and individual advice, however, it is advisable to talk to your customer advisor at the bank managing your account. They will be able to make you an offer tailored to your needs.

Insuring your car correctly

Many banks require the papers of the car and proof of insurance as collateral. To save costs, do not waive your vehicle insurance for the duration of the financing. In the event of damage, this can cost you dearly. If the residual value of your car is correspondingly high, you should choose comprehensive cover. Otherwise, in the event of an accident, you will be without a car and will need the next loan.

Don’t finance too long

In the case of new cars, only low costs for maintenance and repair work can be expected in the first three years. From the fifth year onwards, however, the risk of high workshop costs increases. So if you decide to finance over a longer period of time, you should take repair costs into account.

Optimize your car insurance

Compare the offers to the motor vehicle insurance exactly. If you can only drive the car on your own or if you can name the possible drivers, many providers offer you discounts. Every euro you save on the insurance premium is available to you for financing your car. A good insurance cover, just like a good car loan, does not have to be expensive.

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